Again I am Going To Intruduce you About Some very Good Quality headphones At . Last time when I am Looking for Headphones I surely like One Brand SHURE Headphones but I didnot give much attaintion for it cause it's cost. For one headphone more then US $100. US $100 is A Big money for me .

Anyway I did search and ask with many Sound Expert about this brand and all of them saying this is the Very good Brand name with the Quality . you can able hear parts of the music, which never heard before by normal headphones. don't you think it's great?

Shure SE530PTH Professional Headphones The Shure SE530PTH utilize three balanced armature drivers, one dedicated tweeter, and dual woofers, to bring you a listening experience that has been optimized for high-quality recordings and lossless formats. And with integrated passive crossovers that ensure high and low frequencies remain distinct and defined, you get an incredibly wide and detailed sound stage, distinguished by precision highs and robust bass. What's more, the SE530PTH includes sound isolating sleeves that block over 90-percent of ambient noise and provide a customized fit. Combined with a low-profile ergonomic design and modular cable options, this helps ensure interruptions from the outside world are minimized so you can focus on your musical passion. Not only are these earphones comfortable and audibly engaging, but the innovative triple driver configuration is a first in class for universal fit, sound isolating earphones.

Shure SE210 Sound Isolating Earphones for MP3 Players and Portable DVD players Headphones What 80 Years of Audio Experience Sounds Like Today

If you’re as passionate about audio as the musicians who use our microphones, you deserve the legendary performance of Shure earphones. As a leader in the professional audio industry for over 80 years, we’re proud to bring you personal listening products that reflect our experience and ongoing pursuit of audio perfection--and the new SE line of sound-isolating earphones is the latest step in approaching that perfection.

Isolation, not Cancellation

Shure Sound Isolating Earphones are unlike headphones that feature noise canceling technology. For listeners seeking maximum audio fidelity, the differences are key. Noise cancellation technology uses active circuitry to counteract background noise, which may introduce artifacts into your audio. Sound isolating earphones comfortably fill the ear canal and naturally block most background noise for a clear, detailed listening experience--all without the need to listen at high volumes which may risk damaging your hearing.

Shure E4C Consumer Headphones: Shure E4c Sound Isolating In-Ear Stereo Earphones for iPod or MP3, CD or DVD Players The Shure E4c delivers unparalleled sound quality with a sleek, high tech look for your iPod or other MP3 or music devices. Sound isolating earphones feature a unique design to block outside noise. With the Shure E series, these professional-quality earphones are available for use with portable audio or video devices such as CD, MP3 and DVD players.

Sound isolating earphones are also much smaller and don't require batteries. 60 inch cable length 3.5 mm (1/8) gold-plated stereo plug Although the E4c comes with an assortment of sleeves to ensure a comfortable fit, some users may want something even more personalized. In this case, we recommend contacting a hearing professional, such as an audiologist, to make custom-fit ear molds for your E4c Color - WHITE

Beside these great features you can find more Shure headphones At this website. Such as Shure SE310-K Headphones , Shure E5C , Shure i4c Headphones, Shure SE420 Professional Headphones and many more great quqlity and great design which fit in your ear and give you great Music that you never listen by normal headphones.

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