I am still looking for a good headphones for my Apple's Ipod. as my Friend recommended me to I got many headphones for Choices. Now main problem is the Prices ! So my search begin with lower price but best Quality which is able to noise cancelling headphones .

One of my friend purchased the Samsung MP3 player and it was advised that the regular earphones isn't that good compare to professional earphones. So i am going to discuss some professional noise cancelling earphones. Like a JVC Headphones .

JVC headphones fit comfortably in your ear with their soft rubber design.
3.3' cord: The adjusted cord length is ideal at 3.3 feet, making the new Gumy phone more convenient and more suitable for your MP3 player—that means no more extra cord being tangled in your pocket.
Performance: With a frequency response of 16Hz - 20KHz, 108 dB/mW sensitivity, powerful 13.5mm neodymium drivers, and a 300 mW maximum input, these headphones deliver a satisfying and quality listening experience. and Price is just great low at this Site.

Shure SE530 Headphones If you’re as passionate about audio as the musicians who use our microphones, you deserve the legendary performance of Shure earphones (price is quite high but you get the what you want). As a leader in the professional audio industry for over 80 years, we’re proud to bring you personal listening products that reflect our experience and ongoing pursuit of audio perfection--and the new SE line of sound-isolating earphones is the latest step in approaching that perfection.

Isolation, not Cancellation
Shure Sound Isolating Earphones are unlike headphones that feature noise canceling technology. For listeners seeking maximum audio fidelity, the differences are key. Noise cancellation technology uses active circuitry to counteract background noise, which may introduce artifacts into your audio. Sound isolating earphones comfortably fill the ear canal and naturally block most background noise for a clear, detailed listening experience--all without the need to listen at high volumes which may risk damaging your hearing.
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