Yesterday i went to the IT city at Bangkok to see a microphone for my computer. It's been while that i have not been to this mall . before i used to come here to buy Internet card (almost every month), which is dial up system. If you remember dial up system is so slow average Internet speed for dial up connection is 56kbs. But now we can use high speed Internet average 3mbps. there is so much change.

I remember when i use dial up connection. if i have to download a file with 1mb it's almost take a 15 minutes or more time. and sometime connection is disconnect so you have to download again. So mostly time i don't download any file. but you may remember File Extension DAP , which downloads 300% faster then normal and a smart solution for prevent a failure during it being downloaded and . DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) is Very best Gift that time for a user with Slow speed internet.

DAP is still useful software, and is available for free download. Now technology is more develop, .dap file extension is still used by Microsoft Access, Tiger Logic (Raining Data) Omnis5 and SpeedBit Download Accelerator Plus programs. The first two software programs Microsoft Access and Tiger Logic use File Extension Dap for data formats. The SpeedBit Download Accelerator Plus uses the .dap file extension for uncompleted downloaded files.

Some where i read that some telecommunication operators are using Microsoft Access which using File Extension DAP as a data formats to their database of the web servers. One of the reason why telecommunication operators use a Microsoft Access is sometimes they have to provide simple services that might be needed by their customers and customer should download them through wireless internet service which has slow speed and unstable.

When i came back to home from mall, i search for Dap version. Now There is Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9.1, which is The world's most popular download manager, provides faster download speed & greater security. Read more at File Extension DAP. Thanks DAP

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We can find .MTS file is associated with High-definition MPEG Transport Stream video format, commonly called "AVCHD" ( AVCHD stands for "Advanced Video Codec High Definition") file is associated with .MTS file. AVCHD used by Sony, Panasonic, and other HD camcorders based on the MPEG-2 transport stream and supports 720p and 1080i HD video formats. AVCHD format was jointly established by both Sony and Panasonic in 2006. If you own Blu-ray Player you can burn AVCHD files as Blu-ray discs and played using any compatible player.

File Extension Mts

it's common problem that Data corruption errors can occur, when we transfer AVCHD file to a computer, especially when using a USB connection. File Extension MTS help reduce the Data corruption errors, also file extension can use for edit or convert a file.

you may remember the post about IN Design Document (INDD) file extension, Where many readers get benefit by reading about INDD file. So this post will help you to know about different file called .MTS. You can read more .MTS file is in this website "File Extension MTS"

Another type of system that use .MTS is MadTracker 2, known as MT2 files where .MTS file play a main role, Mts is a sample file, a small clip of a specific sound or instrument that can be added into a music track then looped are repeated endlessly. If there is not .mts file read what happen to the Music at File Extension MTS

So you have read about .MTS file. The Mts file is very useful program. The MTS file solve the Data corruption errors. Do you know while transferring an AVCHD file to a computer, especially when using a USB connection it's common problem that Data corruption errors can occur. Some time you can loose whole file when you moved to a computer. So it's recommended while transfer file copy the file and paste ,rather then a Move. If you don't have this file you can download free at DriverCure, if you want to Check your Pc visit File Extension MTS. This website can download the required files for free.
File Extension Mts
File Extension MTS

+plus Get special promotion for Driver Cure Software
DriverCure (click this link for Download Driver Cure it's Free).
Privacy Controls
Data Recovery

If you want all 5 software for 1 price visit File Extension MTS,
Also scan your computer system to check if any of the computer drivers need to be updated. All It's FREE at File Extension MTS
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E71 CasesIt's been long time i have not writing any post releated with mobile phones. In the past i have reviewed Some mobile phones in this blog. But now you may notice that i am doing mostly on Camera and Others. My latest Post was about NIKON D5000.

Today again i am going to review a site about Mobile accessories. where you can find all kinds of accessories and add ons under one site. This site is called MOBILE FUN (picture above). you can choose diffrent varieties of Mobile accessories under one site. For example you can browse any mobile accessories by the Manufacturer such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC, Apple or etc. or browse by brand such as SanDisk, Jabra, Krusell etc. Or browse by product type (see Picture above). This website is the right place for you if you know what you want, because So easy to search any thing where Everything Mobile. This is also right place for you , if you don't know what you want. :-)

Click the picture to see Nokia 5800 casesI am thankful to a friend who recommend me to this website. He bought nokia 5800 cases from this site. He always tell friends to watch This website first before going to shop for any Mobile phone accessories. I think he is right because i use Nokia Mobiles and I have found almost all the nokia accessories here. Which is very hard to find in other website in such low price.

Click the picture to see E71 CasesFor example Case is very important for mobile, but case for Nokia E71 ( Right Picture Mobile E71 Crystal Case) is very hard to find but watchout in this website Nokia e71 cases is available in many different Style. Some price is high but quality is unbeatable.

MOBILE FUNIf you thinking decorate your mobile or upgrade with new software or upload new Clip, I highly recommend to look this site first MOBILE FUN.
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Welcome again, It's been while i have not write a new post. I don't know what happen to me but everyday i think i will write a new post. Many ideas come to my mind about blogging or thinking i will write about this and i will write about that but the result is here that so many days gone, without writing any post.

I used to thinking about bloging about Nikon D5000 in this blog. I search many website about Nikon and also see Amazon*. So i would like to share some best part of Nikon D5000.

D5000 has 2.7-inch Variable-angle monitor. You can just flip it, tilt it, turn it, stow it or whatever you like do it. The new Vari-angle monitor adds a flexible dimension to Live View shooting, which vividly shows your subject in real-time. Now with this freely adjustable monitor, taking great shots and movie clips with Live View is easier and more enjoyable than ever. Variable-angle monitor i have see in some other Camera such as Olympus E-620,Olympus E-30, Sony ALFA 300, 350, Sony Cyber-shot DSCH50, etc

As in D90 , D5000 also feature D-Movie high defination (HDTV 1,280 x 720 pixels) Video recording. You can choose D-Movie file sizes from three different file types depending
on usage: for photo sharing web sites and blogs 320 x 216 pixels; for viewing on PCs 640 x 424 pixels and; for viewing on HDTV 1,280 x 720 pixels.

If you simply rate Nikon D5000, it's middle between the D60 and D90 in Nikon's DSLR line-up. The function of Nikon D5000, borrows from both cameras, combining the same 12.3 MP Cmos sensor as the D90 and D300 with innovative, user friendly graphic user interface (GUI) from the D60. But D5000 has Live View feature where D60 doesn't. Live view feature bringing D5000 in line with competitive with the other brands such as Canon EOS and Sony Alfa.
Nikon D5000 Highlights

Vari-angle color LCD monitor
Position the 2.7-inch monitor freely for fresh shooting perspectives. Screen flips inward for safe keeping.

12.3-megapixel DX-format CMOS image sensor
Coupled with Nikon's EXPEED image processing and NIKKOR optics, breathtaking picture quality is assured.

D-Movie Mode with sound
Record 720p HD movie clips enhanced by NIKKOR interchangeable lens quality and versatility. D-Movie file sizes from three different file types depending
on usage: for photo sharing web sites and blogs 320 x 216 pixels; for viewing on PCs 640 x 424 pixels and; for viewing on HDTV 1,280 x 720 pixels.

19 Auto-exposure Scene Modes
Capture stunning photos in challenging picture-taking situations including Sunsets, Candlelight, Silhouette, Portrait, Landscape, Beach/Snow, and more.

One-button Live View
Easy Live View access offers 4 autofocus modes, including Face Priority AF.

Continuous shooting as fast as 4 frames-per-second
Combined with fast power-up and split-second shutter response, decisive moments are captured easily without annoying shooting lag.

Low noise ISO sensitivity from 200 to 3200

The D5000’s normal ISO range of 200 to 3200 can be
expanded to cover ISO 100 to 6400, letting you capture the
natural ambiance of a warmly lit room or vibrant street
scene when the use of flash or tripod isn’t an option. The
extended sensitivity is also ideal for shooting sports,
allowing fast shutter speeds to freeze action. Engineered for exceptional low-light shooting.

Built-in image sensor cleaning
Effective 4-frequency, ultrasonic sensor cleaning keeps images spot free.

11-point autofocus system with 3D Focus Tracking
Fast and accurate autofocus delivers razor sharpness.

Auto Active D-Lighting
Restores lost shadow and highlight detail in high contrast exposures—Selectable and Auto modes available. What you see is what you get

In-camera Retouch image editing
Creative in-camera image editing, featuring Soft Filter, Straighten, Color Outline Effect, Perspective Control, Red-eye Correction, Image Overlay, Monochrome and more—all without a PC.

Picture Control Settings for personal image control
Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, Landscape and 9 customizable settings.

Nikon 3D Color Matrix Metering II
Nikon’s renowned 420-pixel RGB 3D Color Matrix Metering II, teamed with the exclusive Scene Recognition System, evaluates each scene for unmatched exposure accuracy.

Durable, high precision shutter
Testing to over 100,000 cycles assures precision and long shutter life.

GPS geo-tagging
GP-1 GPS unit (optional) automatically identifies and records every image’s latitude, longitude and altitude, with satellite time-of-day.

Recommended Lens
3x Zoom AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR and 55-200mm f/4-5.6G VR lenses included
Legendary NIKKOR optical quality features Nikon VR image stabilization for added sharpness.


*=Amazon is always a good source for fresh article and Amazon product links are just great that you may earn some money if your readers buying product from Amazon using your referral link).
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Have you ever taking picture in low light or taking telephoto shots? if your answer is Yes then of course you know camera shake can ruin your photos, particularly when taking telephoto shots or shooting in low light conditions. for reduce camera shake simple way is use tripod while shooting on above conditions. but there is some other way to reduce Camera Shake such as using lens with VC mechanism, which delivers blur-free handheld images for incredible result. Here i will recommend a 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 macro zoom lens by Tamron.

Vibration Compensation (VC) On /Off

The Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Aspherical IF macro zoom lens, however, fights camera shake with its state-of-the-art vibration compensation (VC) mechanism, which delivers blur-free handheld images for incredible results. The proprietary VC mechanism employs a three-coil system that moves the VC lens electromagnetically based on signals originating from the movement of three steel balls. The lens element that compensates for vibration is held in place by the balls, so there is little friction and the movement is quite smooth. The end result is a technology that makes it possible to create exceptional images at slower shutter speeds under conditions where a tripod used to be necessary. You can also use subject movement to good effect with the lens, bringing out the contrast between motion and stillness, or shoot without a flash to evoke the genuine atmosphere of the scene.

The lens covers an extremely broad range of focal lengths, from an extra-wide 18mm length to a telephoto 270mm length (the 35mm equivalent of 28mm to 419mm). The resulting 15x zoom ratio is the world's largest, representing a wide cross section of Tamron high-power zoom design technologies. Plus, the vibration compensation works throughout the entire zoom range, giving you the freedom to create a wide variety of images.

ASP (Aspherical Lens)
The aspherical lens complex allows freedom of design, improved performance, a reduced number of component lenses and a compact size.

The lens lets users capture once-in-a-lifetime panoramic landscape images or close-up pictures of children smiling, all without getting too close to the subject or changing lenses. Other details include a macro magnification range of 1:3.5, a minimum focusing distance of 19.3 inches, and a 72mm filter diameter. The lens, which measures 3.1 inches in diameter and 3.9 inches long, carries a six-year warranty. Tamron made this lens for Nikon and Canon. This Lens are available for price $618 for canon and $586.99 for Nikon. see some other Tamron Lens @Amazon.
Plus, shop now and get to $50 back by mail when you purchase the Tamron 18-270mm lens before May 12, 2009. See individual product pages for details.
FOR NIKON FOR Canon, Sony, Minolta
Also Visit to read Lens Technology
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