It's been long time i have not post anything. So when i have time today i would like to share about .indd file type. you may ask what is INDD stands for? ok i will tell you INDD is Stand for "IN Design Document," which should help you to remember which program is used primarily to manipulate these files.
Adobe have invent the software the software is titled,"InDesign CS4," and is a member of the Adobe family of software. See picture below

What is .indd file type?
InDesign (INDD) File is normally used for laying out pages. For example while you design something on your computer, with real-time preflight. Instead of checking them at the end of the design process, Live Preflight alerts you to errors as they appear so you can quickly find them, fix them, and move on. Whether they be for online viewing or actual printing as in the case of a locally or nationally circulated newspaper. In this way you will save your time and it's give high quality works. File Extension Indd is your foundation for dynamic publishing — in both print and digital media.
InDesign CS4 saves you time and money
If you have .indd file in your computer you can not read this file or open without File Extension Software. So you just waste your time. be sure that you have File Extension Indd software installed on your system.If you want to install this Software for Free Visit

Before i don't know about INDD file until one of my friend told me about this and recommend a site About File Extension Indd. where you can learn more about INDD FILE. File Extension Indd. in this web you can Download File Extension Indd software for FREE.

The InDesign interface acts as a sort of platform for other adobe software products Examples: the interactive scalable vector graphics based animation program, Adobe's Macromedia Flash, Acrobat Reader for integration of the ever popular .pdf format, and the list continues on....

Have problem in open file Indd in Windows?
For the answer and check your Pc for free visit File Extension Indd.
Picture source Adobe .com
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