If you remember the few days ago George Bush attacked by shoes by an Iraqi reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi (Left Picture). Footage of this video where Muntazar al-Zaidi hurled two shoes in George W. Bush direction at a press conference on Sunday has been shown repeatedly on television all over the world.

In, Website for the share video has viewed this footage millions of time . This video footage is posted my many YouTube users and mostly video is watched more then hundreds of thousand times . So this George Bush attacked by shoes is very popular. Video footage below Views: 1,490,874 (at the time this is posted , now you may find more views. )

Now the country's favourite comedy show will use actors to reconstruct the bizarre press conference, ensuring that this time the shoes hit Mr Bush.
Zaidi became an instant star in the Muslim world when he threw his shoes at Mr Bush on Sunday during the US leader's farewell visit to the country invaded by US forces in 2003.

Mr Bush managed to avoid the flying footwear, and Zaidi was wrestled to the ground by guards.

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I have just post a post about Picture Make Up in just 1-2-3 steps .

So here is How To make up your pictures, visit PHOTOFUNIA (visit the website first) .

1. Then Select the Effects that you like from more then 136 effects. these effects use face detection technology. so it is necessary that the face on the photo is front facing. If there is more than one face on the photo then the first in the row will be chosen.

2.After select desire effect page open like below with your effect at the side #1 effect with Bank Note. and #2 effect David Beckham. So i will show you example with #2 effect. Browse the picture from your computer. (my selection picture is left picture Aum Patchara Thai Actress) NOTE: For the given effect, it is necessary that the face on the photo is front facing, well lit, not blurred and not covered by anything (a good example - your passport photo). Preferably, the photo's background should be neutral. If there is more than one face on the photo then the first in the row will be chosen.

3. After you click its Take just only few seconds normally it's load instantly. If the picture chosen is high pixel it's take little time so i recommend make your picture small before use effect , you will save lots of time.

Picture is ready to share with your friends or use as avatar in forums or HI5 , or Just save it in your computer for future sharing. Some Picture you can print too.

Other Effect Using the Same Picture

Hope this post help you to edit your Picture online in few easy steps.
If you like to share your edited picture in my Blog you are welcome plz contact me.
hope you liked this post

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It's holiday Seasons, Christmas and then New year celebration. After a long exasperating year, Christmas and new year is coming up with new enthusiasms and contentment for all of the people around the world. Christmas brings a new life to every one who wants to revolutionize their life or want to revive their life.

All the people working around the world to assemble together with their beloved ones and family and enjoy the very commencement of new life or rejuvenated life. Of course we took lots of Pictures to keep these events in our Memory.

Most of us already equipped with Digital camera to take pictures in memorable events. But Christmas and new year events are most valuable in many country to assemble together with their beloved ones and family and enjoy the very commencement of new life or rejuvenated life.

We share the pictures with the family and friends too. Don't you like to know Some Tricks to edit your picture in funny way before share with your friends and family.

I just know about a site which is very easy to make up picture without knowing any photoshop tricks. And pictures looks so professional(like Pro-user edit in photoshop), but don't worry you don't need to use any photoshop. Above Pictures are edit pictures. and Pictures on the write is the original. Did you see the difference. It looks so real. So If you are intrested Website is .

This website have more then 130 effects collection, choese as you like. You can make up your picture with in a minute it's uplode picture so fast You can make up your picture in just only 1-2-3 steps . Visit tutorial post How to use Photofunia ?
Hope you will enjoy making lots of pictures .
you can also share pictures to many community website ie: hi5, myspace, and many more.

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President George Bush Gets Shoes Whipped/Thrown at Him 12-14-08 while visiting Iraq. President Bush dodges two shoes hurled at him by an Iraqi journalist during news conference.
an Iraqi journalist threw two shoes at him one after another during a news conference with Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Lets See what happen in the press conference....

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Some Time It's Strange How the Google AdSense works exactly?
Let's Talk about Today. when i have cheked for My google Adsense account It left me with surprise , It's Like Christmas Gift From my readers by clicking my Google Ads. hehe Just kidding....
Back to the Topic

When i check account, i found that today's income is US$ 1.52 . Some people don't like to share their earing online but i think it's more friendly to share our experince How and how to..
All i have learn and still learning from the Internet. because there are so many people who still share their Online earnigs.

Reasan for this post is with in Five post how i get US$ 1.52 , while yesterday 5 clicks and only US$ 0.30 . So what does it make different for Google ads earnings.

Do you think it might be Some High Paying Keywords That i have mention before i.e: credit cards, conferance Call or etc?
If you have some Idea you are welcome to share in the Commets. Because knowladge you share it is increase more..

Few months ago this miracal happen 1 click and US$ 1.22 See the Picture

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If you own DSLR Camera. you may know without Lens you can't take picture from DSLR camera. There are various type of lens to take different kind of Picture. For example if you like to take closer detail picture of flower or You want to take birds picture from far you can't use one lens for all. So you must Change your Lens as your desire. So in This post i will show you some Lens for Sony DSLR Camera.

Many DSLR user just ignore Sony camera just because they think, Sony camera have just only few lens to chose and camera is not compatible with other brand lens. Some how it's true in the past but now you can find almost all kind of lens which is Jointly Developed by sony and Carl Zeiss of Germany, these premium lenses offer excellent contrast and stunning clarity for captured image. Take Full control of image quality with renowned Carl Zeiss Lenses.

For those who owned Sony Alfa DSLR and desire sharp and bright imaging, the exceptionally built G series lenses easily deliver the promise with their advance aspherical and ED (extra-low Dispersion) optics.

SAL1870 Some Lens come along with camera, when buying. Like if you buy Sony ALfa 200K, this camera come with Lens SAL1870 (left picture). you can get 2 lens (SAL 1870 + SAL75300) with the same Camera (A200W) if you pay about $100 more.

Upgrade your Sony with super wide angle, zoom, and macro to STF (Smooth Trans Focus) and reflex super telephoto, the alfa lens lineup has it all. point the picture for Find LENS Model. Click Model to read about it.
Carl Zeiss Lenses

SAL85F14Z SAL135F18Z SAL1680Z SAL2470Z


SONY G LEns Set SAL70200G SAL70300G SAL300F28G SAL35F14G



SONY DSLR have a wide variety of lens to cater to all types of shooting preferences. There are lens for fast shooting-great for interiors and fast moving crowds, zoom lens with higher magnification- suitable for shooting at great distances, and compact macro-lens- for capturing full range from life-size to infinity. No matter which type of lens you choose, you can be assured of quality and consistency.


Circular PL Filters MC Protectors NDFilters

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