Hi guys,
Recently i received several chat message with link
(see picture bellow ) from my contacts friends. This is just an Idea of Chat Box and the link how its looks like. The person in this picture is in my friend list but this was an auto send chat message.
If you click the Link then your Id is also infected by this virus or malware and automatically your Id will start to send same links to the other contacts in your friends list.

Chat message from my contacts friends

If your computer is infected by this Links, also effect the skype id too. Because it's happen to me before and i have to scan my computer and change all the password.

Purpose of this post to beware you and also share this post with your friends. I guess the person in the picture is infected by her own friends. which i saw posted same links yesterday by other friends. i try to chat back and tell them change the passwords but they are offline. This is automatic send chat message so even person offline it's send the virus....
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If you are infected try to load this Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. search in google.

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