This post is posting by using Internet Tethering on iPhone 4. If you own iPhone 4, then you don't have to have be a member of different internet service at your home computer. save some money by using Internet Tethering application from your Iphone 4 or 3Gs . i am not sure if it's work with normal iPhone.

To use Internet Tethering you must have internet package with your service provider. which u must have if you surf Facebook or twitter on your iPhone. for example my service provider is True Move and i took iPhone Package ( per month 599 bhat /unlimited WiFi, edge, and 3G + calling 300 minute .... etc.

So by using Internet Tethering for surf internet, i don't have to pay another 599 bhat for internet service at my room. plus save service charge for join internet line at condominium. True move 3G internet give me about 1 mbps speed its depends some time. but in this speed you can watch YouTube video very well,
below picture is at the time i am posting this post.

How to use Internet Tethering in PC or desktop computer? i will be discuss in next post.

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