Yuri short profile

* Birth name: Kwon Yuri
* Date of birth: December 5, 1989 (1989-12-05) (age 20)
* Discovery: 2001 SM 1st Annual Youth Best Contest
* School(s): NeungGok High School
* Position : Lead Dancer
* Experience:
o Appeared in KM Super Junior Show The King's Boyfriend (2005)
o Featured in TVXQ's "Beautiful Life" music video
o Featured in commercials for Choco Pie, Dongil Highvill, and Hot Choco Mite
o Acted in Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
o Starred in MBC sitcom Unstoppable Marriage

Yuri joined the label when she took 1st place in the 2001 1st SM Youth Best Dancer Contest. She appeared in TVXQ's "Beautiful Life" music video and had a small role as a ballerina in Super Junior's first movie, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys. She also had a small role in a television segment, "The King's Boyfriend," which was part of the 2005–2006 KMTV Super Junior documentary, Super Junior Show. Yuri also played a part in the sitcom Unstoppable Marriage alongside Sooyoung.

Pictures and profile Source Internet and SNSD Fan Club Forums
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sandy said... @ May 28, 2011 at 12:02 AM

yuri emang cantik

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