Seohyun short profile

* Stage name: SeoHyun
* Birth name: Seo Joohyun
* Date of birth: June 28, 1991 (1991-06-28) (age 18)
* Discovery: 2003 SM Casting System
* School(s): Daeyoung High School
* Position : Lead vocalist
* Experience:
o 2004 SMART Uniform Model

Seohyun is the youngest member of the Girls' Generation. She is also a pianist. Along with Tiffany and Jessica, they released a single "Bad Oppa", And "Mabinogi (It's Fantastic!)". On February 17, 2009 the Digital Release Of the song Go to sleep, Let's go to sleep. She Sang it alongside with Ju Hyun Mi.

Pictures and profile Source Internet and SNSD Fan Club Forums
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Anonymous said... @ December 8, 2010 at 6:50 PM

i really love seohyun!!!

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