It's been while i am blogging with the Blogger team. I am still using Sub domain for my blog is Many Blogger turn their Blog in to custom domain name. Custom domain name give a standard look for blog. Which give blog a personal identity to it's readers. by choosing personal domain name you don't have to stick any more with sub domain as yourblog.blogspot or your blog.wordpress. you can have your Own Custom domain name as a your trademark. or evan you can choose your domain which give idea about your country. for example if you are using domains mexico then choose or which also give idea about country name too.

For example if i have to Choose my custom domain it will be or even somebody wants to add country tag in domain name, It looks, isn't it cool domain?
It is quite simple to understand that ending domains .mx, represent for Mexico. Do you know that you can register your domain name as your trademark. I don't think people use their blog's sub-domain as Trademark. So as a general rule, you should register your trademark in the countries that plan to offer your products/service.

This post is come out after i read a website Marcaria, which offer protection and register domain names and trademark for more then 160 countries in the five continents. So in this post example domain registration .mx is i took from the Marcaria website.
So if you think it's time for register your own Domain name instead of using sub domain, i recommend to visit this website to read more.
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neeZhom said... @ July 6, 2009 at 11:12 PM

Whoaa you planned for own domain name now my friend. That's good. You need to have your own domain name because your blog is really cool now. The new template and banner are great too my friend, i like it, great job :)

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