I guess technology world is just getting so complicated. you should learn many things about files and all extension type. Some of the file type you even don't know even you are using it for a long time. While we work in computer, computer itself recognize the correct file type for the program you are working for.

for example when you working for drawing files in XML Based format it's also using File Extension CDD, but we hardly notice that we are also using .cdd file extension. It's happen to me a lot that i know about new file type when we get some error notice in Internet explorer.

File Extension CDD is a common file type which is run by help of CADAM software. CADAM software was build for the Unix environment then later used in Windows Internet explorer too. Some time Internet explorer could not recognize File Extension CDD. That's why while designers working on some design often it's show some error message.

There is another editing tool called Cadifra,(a UML Editing tool for Windows) also use the .cdd file extension. Cadifra uses File Extension CDD for its drawing files as a XML based format which help the publishers freely offer the schema for download.

As this post is just to talking about the many different file extension that we are using in our daily life while we working on computer. Do you know Some file extension like .cdd, that there are seven reported associations for the file extension .cdd some are verified, some are not. So i guess this is just beginning , Human Mind is Just great. Hope you curious to know more about File Extension CDD,
Hope you enjoy reading this post i will write again when there is some thing in my mind.... :-)

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neeZhom said... @ July 6, 2009 at 11:20 PM

You are so improving my friend, great work. Keep it up ;)

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