Yesterday i went to the IT city at Bangkok to see a microphone for my computer. It's been while that i have not been to this mall . before i used to come here to buy Internet card (almost every month), which is dial up system. If you remember dial up system is so slow average Internet speed for dial up connection is 56kbs. But now we can use high speed Internet average 3mbps. there is so much change.

I remember when i use dial up connection. if i have to download a file with 1mb it's almost take a 15 minutes or more time. and sometime connection is disconnect so you have to download again. So mostly time i don't download any file. but you may remember File Extension DAP , which downloads 300% faster then normal and a smart solution for prevent a failure during it being downloaded and . DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) is Very best Gift that time for a user with Slow speed internet.

DAP is still useful software, and is available for free download. Now technology is more develop, .dap file extension is still used by Microsoft Access, Tiger Logic (Raining Data) Omnis5 and SpeedBit Download Accelerator Plus programs. The first two software programs Microsoft Access and Tiger Logic use File Extension Dap for data formats. The SpeedBit Download Accelerator Plus uses the .dap file extension for uncompleted downloaded files.

Some where i read that some telecommunication operators are using Microsoft Access which using File Extension DAP as a data formats to their database of the web servers. One of the reason why telecommunication operators use a Microsoft Access is sometimes they have to provide simple services that might be needed by their customers and customer should download them through wireless internet service which has slow speed and unstable.

When i came back to home from mall, i search for Dap version. Now There is Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) 9.1, which is The world's most popular download manager, provides faster download speed & greater security. Read more at File Extension DAP. Thanks DAP

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