I have been blogging Almost 2 years. Many friends who started blogging at same time with me . They are blogging in there own domain name and it's give the impression that domain for blogs are their own brand and independent entity.

Domain name that i am using ( ) is belongs to a third-party. It's a huge free hosting "blogger" or Blogspot. I think about blogging in my own domain name. My friend reffer me a site where you can read many web hosting articles . I read this site give me lots of useful information. which i am going to sharing with you what i understand from the site. I think if i have known about web hosting articles before, ican do much more

What i understanding is if you are blogging for fun it's OK! to have domain name with third party but if you are Blogging for your business website or you are more serious about your blog and want to have more credibility to your website, giving the impression that blogs or website is your own brand name and independent entity. if you think like this you must have your personal domain Name.

Before having personal domain name, you have to understanding what is the Domain ? Domain names serve many benefits to the Internet business. There are exceptions, such as when a company wants to present a form of affiliation by showing that they are a part of an existing site, whether its connecting them with a specific organization or region.

I recommend you visit web hosting tutorials where you can learn more articals. This site has lots of Categories such as or Cheap Web Hosting , , Domain Names , Ecommerce , Windows Web Hosting , FrontPage Hosting and many more articals or category in a one Site is .

classified by extensions
Domain names are classified by extensions ( ending with com, net, biz, org and etc). Most people and commercial organizations is want .com or .net . Other extensions such as .biz and .edu are generally not populer to web surfers, mainly because they tend to be harder to remember. Even the webmaster building their site for personal reasons goes after the dot com extension as it is usually the way most people refer to a website. I remember once i read a pro blogger who is very success in blogging. He mention in one Blog post about his 10 mistake during blogging. he wrote 1 of his mistake is choosing domain extensions something else then com or net, and he said it's better to choose another name instead of choosing another extensions.
How domain name works? Visit Tips For Choosing A Domain

As saying more you learning , more you understanding. So i decide to have my own domain name, but when i see some pro blogger's still use their blogs in the third party domain name and they say third party domain name is never expire and you don't have to worry about renew. That is the point i am still using the third party domain name for this blog.

Hope this post is helpful for you if you are also thinking like me about changing your Blogs domain name. from third party domain to personal domain name. mostly links in this post is from . This site is very helpful if you have many question about Domain Names and more about Internet.
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