Introducing Nikon’s slim, stylish Coolpix S710 combines 14.5 megapixels with a 3.6x wide-angle optical Zoom-Nikkor glass lens for stunning prints as large as 16 x 20 inches. Nikon Coolpix S710 has many features for people who want great pictures without fussing with settings, but it also has complete manual control for those who like to get creative.

The sleek all-metal design makes it easy to carry, and the huge, bright 3.0-inch LCD offers makes it easy to compose and share pictures. The Coolpix S710, with Nikon’s EXPEED image processor and Optical VR Image Stabilization, gets you sharp pictures. You can get creative with Program, Shutter, Aperture, and full Manual exposure modes. The Coolpix S710 is one digital power play

Coolpix S710 Highlights

14.5 megapixels for stunning prints as large as 16 x 20 inches.Sharp resolution captures the finest details, crop creatively and produce incredible enlargements.

3.6x wide-angle optical Zoom-Nikkor glass lens provides exceptional pictures from wide-angle to telephoto.

Bright, 3.0-inch high-resolution LCD makes it easy to view and share your pictures.

Optical VR Image Stabilization reduces the effects of camera shake.

Program, Aperture, Shutter, and Manual Exposure modes give you as much control over your pictures as you want.

Scene Auto Selector automatically recognizes the scene and adjusts camera settings.

Auto adjusts up to ISO 3200 and allows you to keep shooting, even in lower light without having to use flash. Plus, using pixel addition, ISO sensitivity can be set to an amazing ISO 6400 and ISO 12800 (image sizes of 3mb or lower are required)

Smile Shutter makes sure you’ll always catch the decisive moment when your subject smiles. COOLPIX S710 can detect up to three faces with the subject's smile. Also warn you when friend's eye's are closed so you can retake your picture.

Program, Aperture, Shutter, and Manual Exposure Modes Scene Auto Selector automatically recognizes the scene in your picture and adjusts the camera setting Blink warning, ultimately firing the shutter Face Priority AF - face-finding technology that quickly finds and focuses on up to 12 faces in a group portrait .

In-Camera Red-Eye Fix D-Lighting - rescue those photos that are too dark for printing by enhancing the underexposed areas of the picture while not touching the properly exposed areas 16 Scene Modes High Quality TV Movies with Sound with a press of a button - duration is limited only by the available space on your SD/SDHC card Approx.

42MB Internal Memory Formats - JPEG, AVI, WAV Rechargeable EN-EL12 Lithium-ion Battery
Available Colors: Graphite Black, Deep Red and Brilliant Silver

Dimensions (H x W x D) - 2.3 x 3.6 x 1 in. (57.5 x 93 x 24 mm) Weight - 5.5 oz. (155g)

All-new stylish stainless steel design slips right into your shirt pocket or purse!

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Test Post

Western Union has been operating for over 150 years. Today with just over 320,000 Agent locations worldwide in over 200 countries and territories, millions of people trust Western Union to send and receive money worldwide. Western Union known as a fast, reliable and convenient way to send and recieve money from world wide. We know about it but today i am going to Share about Weatern Union Value Card

Western Union Value Rewards Programme, established for valued customers. The Value Rewards Programme offers you exciting benefits:

With the Western Union Value Rewards Card, you become even more unique. More than a familiar face, you become an individual recognised as a Valued Customer and served accordingly.
Enjoy rewards
Your Western Union Value Rewards Card will enable you to benefit from special gifts during Western Union promotions and special events.
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I have been blogging Almost 2 years. Many friends who started blogging at same time with me . They are blogging in there own domain name and it's give the impression that domain for blogs are their own brand and independent entity.

Domain name that i am using ( ) is belongs to a third-party. It's a huge free hosting "blogger" or Blogspot. I think about blogging in my own domain name. My friend reffer me a site where you can read many web hosting articles . I read this site give me lots of useful information. which i am going to sharing with you what i understand from the site. I think if i have known about web hosting articles before, ican do much more

What i understanding is if you are blogging for fun it's OK! to have domain name with third party but if you are Blogging for your business website or you are more serious about your blog and want to have more credibility to your website, giving the impression that blogs or website is your own brand name and independent entity. if you think like this you must have your personal domain Name.

Before having personal domain name, you have to understanding what is the Domain ? Domain names serve many benefits to the Internet business. There are exceptions, such as when a company wants to present a form of affiliation by showing that they are a part of an existing site, whether its connecting them with a specific organization or region.

I recommend you visit web hosting tutorials where you can learn more articals. This site has lots of Categories such as or Cheap Web Hosting , , Domain Names , Ecommerce , Windows Web Hosting , FrontPage Hosting and many more articals or category in a one Site is .

classified by extensions
Domain names are classified by extensions ( ending with com, net, biz, org and etc). Most people and commercial organizations is want .com or .net . Other extensions such as .biz and .edu are generally not populer to web surfers, mainly because they tend to be harder to remember. Even the webmaster building their site for personal reasons goes after the dot com extension as it is usually the way most people refer to a website. I remember once i read a pro blogger who is very success in blogging. He mention in one Blog post about his 10 mistake during blogging. he wrote 1 of his mistake is choosing domain extensions something else then com or net, and he said it's better to choose another name instead of choosing another extensions.
How domain name works? Visit Tips For Choosing A Domain

As saying more you learning , more you understanding. So i decide to have my own domain name, but when i see some pro blogger's still use their blogs in the third party domain name and they say third party domain name is never expire and you don't have to worry about renew. That is the point i am still using the third party domain name for this blog.

Hope this post is helpful for you if you are also thinking like me about changing your Blogs domain name. from third party domain to personal domain name. mostly links in this post is from . This site is very helpful if you have many question about Domain Names and more about Internet.
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If you visit blog money and blog you'll notice a post about Chinese Proverbs About Money. Which is posted as picture post in money and blog.

Proverbs About Money

I think these proverbs are still useful to read. so i think to posted again but I try to post with stylish Capitalizing letters.

With Money you Can buy A house But not a Home

This Chinese Proverb Brings Luck

With Money you can buy a Clock But Not Time

With Money you can Buy a Bed, but not Sleep

With Money you can buy a Book, but not knowledge

With Money you can see a Doctor, but not Good Health

With Money you can buy a position, but not Respect

With money you can buy Blood, but not Life

With money you can buy Sex, but not Love

Really We can not buy everything even we have money. What do you think?
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This is computer age, we depends on computer in lots of things. Even we live abord far away from our home it's convinieant to contact with our family and friends. Many time we need to use search engine to find, what we want to know.
Today i am going to tell you Anthor New Search engine, - the new household name for search engine. Search engines are everywhere. we can choose many search engines, but do we ever really find what we’re looking for? The people? The people need something new. Something revolutionary just only 4 simple words and start with letter F.

I felt lucky when i search something on . Did you visit ? If not, take a look at the new search engine that is fast and simple to use. And while you're there, check out rapidly expanding directory of hot articles ranging from personal debt to donation your old car. Find about Electronics,Personal Finance, Recreation and many more. Any thing you want to know just don't search but FIND!

You can find whatever you want or whatever your parent’s internet filters will allow. You can find jobs and apartments and people and happiness! if you want Credit cards find what you need to apply.  Soon you’ll be able to find even more, but that’s not for just a little while yet. read more what you can find in

So for now i just say is evolving. So check it out.
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Do you still Smoke
Picture taken at perfect time mom

CHEERS... Ouch

Uploadyou picture at SHAREAPIC

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This is what, mostly blogger believe there are some keywords That brings high paying Google ads to your blog. For example: debit card, loan, debt, Car donation and many more. Visit my post about Which Words paying high revenue. I believe some how it's true. For example Yesterday when i checked my Google AdSense account I wonder with my earning report for previous day , there is 436 page impressions and just only 1 click but earning is US$1.22 . See screen shot for 01/09/08, 31/08/08 and yesterday. If you compare this Reports you'll have some idea on Google AdSense. click screen shots to enlarge.

Earning report for 01/09/2008

Did you get what i mean? See detail full post at my other blog I have just post it about my earnings by google adsence. I will leave this issue to find out which words paying high revenue.
Visit You can also do I have also post some Screen shots from my google reports so you can compare. the google earnigs + Some high paying key words.

Earning report for 31/08/2008

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