Hi friends,
It's been few days. I am facing a problem with my blogs.At first i thought this is only with my blogs. But later i found i can't open any blogs that using . Is this only with my computer problem or Someone else facing same problem. I am based in Bangkok, Thailand.

I can log in to dashboards and post to my blogs (I am typing now this post but i am not sure it will be post or not?).
I am writing this post in hope, If you can help me for this problem.
Or have you ever face this problem? how did you solve? I appreciate your help.

I posted This problem at group.Google, at Publishing Trouble I can't open any Blogspot's blogs. There i found Another friend has same problem. So If you can help about this problem you leave comments here or can reply at group Google.
Thanks in Advance.

Update05/07/2008:- Service Back to normal Thanks to Blogspot Team

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