While reading My Blogger friend's Blog. I saw this Post. i can't wait to share this picture with you. Visit Hem's Post Sooner This cartoon can be true ! . Pictures Speak thousand Words.

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forumer said... @ August 10, 2008 at 10:12 AM

Peace and howdy my fren? Hope u always fine. The picture is so interesting, it says it all! That situation maybe happen someday because of the corrupt governments exist in this world. And as long as there are greedy person that always want to take from others, the world will not really stay in peace.

We need the best system to control the world. And the best system of course came from our creator. The system that was created by mankind cannot ctrl all because it has so many weakness and not suitable to all. Whatever, peace and justice for all.

Keep up the good post my fren. All the best 2 u :)

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