While I am trying to get high paying keywords Ads . Some of few post are based on some keywords that give you idea what keywords should keepin mind and insert while it is suitable with the post. In last post Some Free High Paying keywords "A" , "B" , "C" and "D" .

I thought i will Post some of the Google ads Image which are displyed in my Blog MONEY ONLINE and This. So these are some collection of the Image ads(200X200). I will add some pictures again!

I don't know How much is the paying rates for these ads. And what i will get while Readers click on these ads (These are just only Copy Image for the google 200X200 ads So don't click on this pics. but if you want to see in real size you can !) Picture on the left and right side are the most displyed in my blogs and still they are appear. Thank you Advertiser for advertise in my blogs. by the way how much you did pay me when readers click on your ads?

So you are curious What kind of Pics I have collect So lets see inside If you find some pictures are intrested and you want to know Search this blog, for the Google adsense ads, you may see this image somewhere.

Which one Do you like?

Some Of the High paying Keywords are below

Auto insurance quotes which avreage cost per Click is $48.93, alicante car hire, alicante airport car hire, aarp health insurance, atlas travel insurance, aa car insurance, auto insurance quote, asbestos cancer, air ambulance service, affordable life insurance, auto cheap insurance and etc. Start with "B" is like Bay area car donation ( 0.37 ) ( $36.43 ), budget car insurance, baines and ernst, bad credit mortgage, business health insurance, bad credit home loan, bill consolidation, best home equity loan rate, body by jake and etc.Starting by "C" words are like conference call services ( 17 ) ( $73.42 ) , conference calling services, conference calling, cheap conference calling, consolidating student loans, Columbus travel insurance, consolidate student loans and etc and donate car ( 45 ) ( $52.57 ), debt consolidation loan, donating cars, donate your car, debt consolidation, debt loan etc. Ads on the right above is looks Funny, don't you think?
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Anonymous said... @ June 13, 2008 at 2:20 PM

Hi everyone.
Thanks for this information.
Insurance Informations

Forumer said... @ June 19, 2008 at 10:32 AM

Peace and how are u my fren? Hhhhmm you are like PRO now, i myslef don;t really know about high paying keyword bla bla bla hehe

Neway, any news from payout? Still not reach minimum or how many times u get paid now? :)

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