KATHMANDU, April 22 - The newly created security force guarding Mt Everest to control possible anti-China protests Monday barred a US national of an Everest expedition team after he was found to be carrying a pro-Tibet banner in a security check.
Officials confirmed the incident, but could not divulge details. “We are trying to get more details surrounding the incident to determine the nature of violation and the extent of action,” said an official at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

A source informed the Post that Himalaya Guide, a trekking agency that manages high mountain expedition, had acquired permission for the American climber to conquer the world’s highest mountain this spring season. “After being sent back, he is on the way to Kathmandu,” he said.

According to the source, he was ascending Mt. Everest as a member of Eco-Everest Expedition-2008. The expedition is being held to draw attention to the rapidly melting glaciers and increasing amount of garbage dumped in the Himalaya. Nepal recently deployed dozens of armed police and soldiers in the Mt Everest region with orders to even shoot, if necessary, at demonstrators on its side of the mountain during the Olympic flame’s climb up the peak. The official said the government has issued a directive to all expeditions, prior to setting off on Everest climb, not to carry any non-essential items, which may be used to violate Nepal’s One-Door China policy. In case any member does not abide by the directive, we may also take action against the team leader and the expedition handling agency as well, said the official.

Nepal has officially banned mountaineering above Camp Two until 10th of May, the time the Olympic torch is expected to reach the summit.

Chinese climbers plan to take the Olympic flame to the top of the world’s highest peak, at 8,848 meters as part of the global relay leading up to the August 8 opening of the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Spring is the most popular season for climbing Mount Everest. The Nepali government has granted permits to dozens of climbers from 32 expeditions this season. This exceeds the number of teams — 24 — last year.

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