Today I went Sony Center at Silom Rd. to see what is the new update at store. Well i can check All new product in Internet but i don't want to miss chance to hold real Sony Product with in my own hands, it is different then just see the picture in Internet or in magazine.

So i went there to see Some Digital SLR Camera . I saw many SLR camera but Sony's staff Told me about Sony's α200 digital SLR camera, is built on the foundation of impressive engineering and superior quality. Its high-speed processing offers detailed images with stunning colour and incredible depth. With an anti-dust technology, you’re guaranteed distortion free images. The depth of field control allows for greater creative control to effectively emphasize the main subject. With up to 10.2 Mega Pixels, an auto focus system and flexible exposure modes. All the features are great And i like it . But i was there not to buy but to get information to post a blog Topic. Anyway I like Sony Product and If By any SLR Camera Sony is the first in my choice. Right now I am using Sony W-30 model and want to change it's kinda old fashion now.So back to the the topic. Here i will try to give you some Info about Sony's α200 digital SLR camera.

Alpha α200 Highlights

10.2-mega pixel Super HAD CCD Superb image quality gives you great DSLR shots right from the start, with a large APS-size CCD image developed by Sony to expand dynamic range, minimize noise more effectively and provide greater detail for making big prints or cropping in tight on your subject.

Expanded ISO sensitivity Broad sensitivity range from ISO 100 to ISO 3200 enables the Alpha DSLR-α200 to capture beautiful color images even in very dim light -- with High ISO Noise Reduction technology that reduces picture noise artifacts at high-sensitivity ISO 1600 and ISO 3200 settings by eliminating noise from RAW data after analog-to-digital conversion.

Super Steady Shot in-camera image stabilization A high-performance sensor detects vibrations and the image stabilization system automatically compensates. Because image stabilization is built into the Alpha DSLR-α200, every lens benefits -- and with an advantage of from 2.5 to 3.5 stops, you can shoot effectively at higher shutter speeds even in very low light with minimum blur from shaky hands or fast-moving subjects.

Bionz Image Processor The "brain" of the a (alpha) DSLR-α200 is the advanced Sony Bionz Image Processor, using hardware-based Large Scale Integrated (LSI) circuitry to enhance images with rich tonal reproduction, improved white balance and exposure control, and expanded D-Range Optimizer capabilities. With 2-channel data transfer from CCD to processor, your camera can also respond faster.

Dynamic Range Optimizer To improve results with backlit subjects and recover details hidden in shadows or lost in glare, the Alpha DSLR-α200 provides Dynamic Range Optimizer at two levels: Normal DRO, to improve detail using standard gamma curves for fast shot-to-shot response time, or Advanced DRO, to adjust dynamic range area-by-area for the greatest precision.

Anti-dust technology: All digital SLR cameras are susceptible to dust contamination when changing lenses — it's a fact of life. But the α200 employs built-in systems to keep the sensor clean, and your images beautiful. First, there's an anti-static coating to help prevent dust from adhering to the low-pass filter and other internal components. And to dislodge any particles that do manage to reach the CCD, the sensor is vibrated at ultra-high speed every time the camera is switched off.
Auto pop-up flash In Auto or some scene selection modes, the camera flash automatically pops up and fires when needed to help you shoot more effectively. Flash is cancelled in Landscape, Sport or Sunset modes and in "Flash Off" position on the Exposure Mode dial

Eye-Start Auto focus System It begins precision auto focus adjustments the moment you raise the camera to your eye -- so unlike some DSLR cameras that don’t start focusing until the shutter button is half-pressed, the Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 never slows down your ability to catch fast action.

9-point center cross AF sensor A fast focus motor and improved focus control help bring images into sharp definition more quickly, with predictive focus control that automatically calculates the position of a fast-moving subject.

Flexible, accurate exposure control A 40-segment honeycomb sensing system provides multi-pattern measuring for superior exposure control accuracy -- and you can also select center-weighted or spot metering modes. You’ll also have 6 preset White Balance control settings and RGB Histogram display to check color balance.

Scene Selection modes Along with auto exposure, the Alpha DSLR-α200 gives you scene selection modes to optimize camera performance for Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports, Sunset and Night Portrait/Night View situations.

Creative style settings To express your creativity and personal taste, you can adjust contrast, saturation and sharpness settings for any of 8 finishing styles -- including Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Night View, Sunset, B&W and Adobe RGB modes.

2.7-inch Clear Photo LCD screen A large built-in screen with anti-reflective coating makes it easy to read camera setup menus even in bright sunlight and improves image quality when you check your shots. Setup Menu is Auto Rotate when you hold your camera vertical.

Index and Slide Show display To quickly review your photos, the Alpha DSLR-A200 can display 4, 9 or 25-frame index views -- or present automatic slide shows with fade-in/fade-out effect.

High-resolution thumbnails for PhotoTVHD viewing The Alpha DSLR-A200 can also create high-resolution thumbnail images for viewing on a Sony Bravia HDTV in optimized PhotoTVHD mode, with image format adjustable for standard 3:2 or widescreen 16:9 display.

Function Guide Display On-screen menus are intuitive and easy to use -- and a simple Camera Function Display can be activated and operated with one hand using the Fn (Function) button and controller button to adjust Flash mode, Auto focus mode, White Balance, Metering mode, AF area and D-Range Optimizer.

Continuous Burst Mode at 3 frames per second To capture action more effectively, the Alpha DSLR-A200 offers continuous JPEG shooting up to the limit of your flash memory card -- plus RAW Burst Mode (up to 6 shots) with intelligent buffer management to allow more shots to be captured without waiting for the buffer to clear.

Stamina battery power You can take up to 750 shots on a fully-charged NP-FM500H Info Lithium battery -- and you’ll be able to see about how much power remains in percentage increments, so you can keep shooting in confidence.

High-capacity media options For conveniently storing and sharing your images, the Alpha DSLR-A200 accepts CompactFlash Type I/II media and optional Memory Stick Pro Duo media.

Advanced Lenses and Accessories The Sony Alpha system gives you everything you need to expand your creativity in DSLR photography: precision Sony DT zoom lenses and specialty lenses, Sony "G" Series lenses with advanced motorized auto focusing, amazingly bright Carl Zeiss T* coated lenses, professional-quality flash units, and over 16 million Minolta a-mount lenses sold worldwide.

SAL1870 SAL75300When you Buy SONY ALFA 200 there is two option. A200K which is together with Lens SAL 1870(Picture left) + A200 (BODY), If you want to Buy A200W which is together with SAL 1870+ SAL 75300(picture right) + A200(BODY)

Visit Sony's Alpha DSLR-α200 to view 3d Image of Camera

Visit My Anthor Post About Sony Products My favorite Sony Bravia

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Again Google Owned Anothor Company Called Double Click, a company that offers online ad serving and management technology to advertisers, web publishers and ad agencies. Last week Google press center announce about it.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., (March 11, 2008) – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced today that it has completed its acquisition of DoubleClick, a company that offers online ad serving and management technology to advertisers, web publishers and ad agencies.
Eric Schmidt, Google's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, "We are thrilled that our acquisition of DoubleClick has closed. With DoubleClick, Google now has the leading display ad platform, which will enable us to rapidly bring to market advances in technology and infrastructure that will dramatically improve the effectiveness, measurability and performance of digital media for publishers, advertisers and agencies, while improving the relevance of advertising for users."

About DoubleClick, Inc.

DoubleClick is a premier provider of digital marketing technology and services. The world's top marketers, publishers and agencies utilize DoubleClick's expertise in ad serving, rich media, video, mobile, search and affiliate marketing to help them make the most of the digital medium. From its position at the nerve center of digital marketing, DoubleClick provides superior insights and insider knowledge to its customers. Learn more at

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While I am searching net to get some information about my post. I saw one Google ads About VITshow . is an online service that rewards, members who share videos, images and topics with each other. so sudenally I thought This a Good Information for my readers. you can earn money but before you earn money it's benifit is drive traficto your Blogs and webs too. Members can link together by add others' contents to their favorite list or become subscribers of other members' content.

VITshow members can view each other's public profiles and the approved content, post comments on profiles or content, discuss issues on Forums. VITshow members will benefit from sharing videos, images and topics on VITshow.

while you are in this website you see they write FREE is Too Expensive. You will be paid according to the popularity of your shared content; and more importantly, you will get extra benefits by displaying your own google adsense or other commercial advertisements on some ad spots allocated by VITshow. VITshow cares deeply about your online privacy.

VITshow paid it's members by Paypal and other method for other method you have to Contact vitshow.
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For example, lets say your content received 300, 000 views in December 2007. Of them, 100, 000 views are from Group-1 countries, 100, 000 from Group-2 and the rest 100, 000 are from Group-3. Then the total earnings for December 2007 are

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You can refer others to register at VITShow and you will get 10% of the referred users' earnings forever. This site has designed many Referral Banners and you can access them within your account. One of them is shown below(you can also Join using this button) :

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