Can you Imagine life without Computer, after you get use to it in your everday life . I think answer will be No . we are using Computer for every work and we store everything in our computer. many of them are very important and we have to use it very often. But what if Something happpen with our computer and all the Data Will lost for forever. Can you Imagine How much you will loose any way it's 21 st century .

There are many remote storage access website, store your important Data or just simple files whatever you want they will storage for you, and you can access from anywhere using any computer where software can be installed . Today i am going to introduce you about a website which provides better safe for your Files . Tilana reserve

Tilana make online storage useful, provide enterprise-class functionality in an online application service provider (ASP) model that's accessible to the small business and consumer PC user.

Unique product concept
Tilana combine continuous data protection with off-site storage, version history, Web access, and multi-computer synchronization into one affordable service.
San Diego based Tilana Systems Corporation solves the universal problem of data protection and synchronization.

Tilana Reserve™ service, uses delta versioning technology that detects changes to files and only transfers modified data unobtrusively without user interaction. Users can access any previously saved version of a protected file, from any PC on the Internet where the software can be installed.
Tilana Reserve™ brings enterprise-class file synchronization and protection into reach for the home user and for the small to medium-sized business.

Tilana Reserve is your Personal Digital Archive™
Most services offering "unlimited backup" for a few dollars per month do not offer the ability to archive any data if it's deleted from your protected computer. Unlimited "backup" is not unlimited "storage." Always read the fine print.

Tilana Reserve is your storage solution for life, not just a place to keep a copy of what still hasn't filled up your computer. For only $2 per GB you can store as much or as little as you want, for as long as you want to keep your account in good standing at only $19.95 per month. Keep collecting and generating any kind of files you want. Buy more storage space only as needed along the way.

Tilana Reserve stores version history
Each time you save your work, Tilana Reserve protects and saves the change in a remotely stored version history. Use the Cleanup Wizard to easily and quickly delete old file versions in batches, optimizing your use of Tilana Reserve storage space.

remote file access Get any file or folder in a previously saved state, within seconds via the desktop software on a protected computer. Securely login from any computer online, and browse through your folders, files, and file version histories to retrieve anything stored in Tilana Reserve. Even files deleted from all of your computers, and archived in Tilana Reserve remain stored with as much of their protected version histories intact, and for as long as you want them to be.
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