Hi Friends It's Been While I am Blogging ,I think It's Time to share my Blog Links with All Friends. So if you have A blog or website and you like to exchange your Blog links with me. feel free to Contact me. Now i have joined My Blog to mybloglog community, url is .

You can join yourself to my blog's community by clicking above link and I will join to your community too. from this way we can both increage google page rank .

So you may found little change in my Blog if you have my regular reader. It's my new mybloglog widgets (right Image in black widgets ) for this blog. Which display all recents visitor list, from this list we know who Visit to me and visitor also see other's mybloglog Icon and if they want they can visit your page then join your community too. (picture in left) is from my anthor main blog mydzi , you can see many Blogger's Icon. these Icons are Clickable links to there own Page. every mybloglog page contents your personal blog's recent post with URL. Isn't It great Idea to Get Traffic to your own blog. So below is you see the benifits of Join mybloglog

So if you are a blogger i recommend join mybloglog . I saw many benifits of this online community
1st is It's Bring traffic to your blog and
2nd important is you can see stats for free up to 10 stats where visitor comes from, which page they saw and where they went (outgoing links) all you can see in your Blog stats up to 10 links each. See below Pictures One From Mydzi and other from There are many more Things you must Visit your self i bet you like this community.

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