If you are a Blogger and also Show ads from Google AdSense in your blog. You may know pleasures to receive Google AdSense Personal Identification number (PIN) Card. It's not a Google Checkq but when your Adsense account reach US$50. Google send you the PIN CODE In "Google AdSense Personal Identification number (PIN) Card". Then you have to Insert this PIN code to your account to receive Checque while your account reach US$100.

It's My first time to receive Google AdSense Personal Identification number (PIN) Card Via Mail, just received. About This I have Write a post In Arrival of Google AdSense's PIN Card . It's Been while I have joined google AdSense program .

I would like to Thanks all the readers who have visit my Blogs and support me by viewing Google ads. Hope you have also joined Google AdSense, It's Just Simple Few steps to Have Google AdSense in your Blog Earn More By refer Google AdSense . you can join Google AdSense, It's so Simple to make money Online.
Hope you enjoy this post

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Forumer said... @ February 22, 2008 at 3:19 AM

Nice to see u again and nice to hear about adsense my fren. Yeaa, long time no see, hope u always happy and healthy. I'm really sorry for long time no interacting with you, even i dun have much time to my own blogs too. I'm busy studying and practising doing 3D design now and just concentrate on my e-picworld blog so far with the wallpapers. I really felt in love with 3D designing now hehe.

Ok my fren, hope our frenship never end. Take care ok and all the best!!

p/s: i hope you will get adsense payment soon. Dun forget to inform me ok ;)

BAZAR ONLINE said... @ February 23, 2008 at 7:54 PM

Hi Forumer,
I have visit your 3D Blog there so many 3D Wallpaper. They are great

I wish you good luck for your study . keep it up my friend

Best Regards

TIBET ARTS said... @ February 23, 2008 at 7:57 PM


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