Well friends Good News ,If You want to Increase Your Google page rank and Technorati Authority (kind a Page rank in technarati) . you can link your blog url to any website with higher rank then yours. for example there is a blog with PR 5 And Technorati Top 100 Most Popular Blogs Blog Called Ezine Blog, is a fun site that talks about everything from Entertainment to Politics, science to sports. If you review their blog, they’ll link to it and help increase your page rank!

Now Ezine Blog decided to sahre It's benifits With other Bloggers . While You are Link back with Higher GPR Blog your Blog's or website,will help increase your Google page rank, your Technorati rank, your search engine rankings and it will drive some traffic to yourBlogs too.

EzineBlog is a Google Page Rank 5 site, as well as Technorati Top 100 Most Popular Blogs and Ezine’ve decided to give away free linkbacks to the site. ( But i did not see any link back with mine blog)

How to Increase Your Page Rank

You are also free to link to anyone of their posts as part of your review.

You’ll get a permanent link in a blog post and get a link to your site on the cool blogs page.

Once you post the review, let them know at and they’ll give you a Page Rank 5 linkback and Technorati Top 100 linkback. Send them the URL and the anchor text you want for your home page.

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