Imagine That You're In The Some hill Staion ,Sitting on Green Grass And You are loking up to the blue sky with Clouds . Don't you wish That this view you can capture everything you can see with your eyes ? Do you ever wish your photos could capture everything you can see with your eyes? It's look Like Just Only Imagination. but We can also do It . it's not hard like We are Thinking .This Photo trick called panography and we can even use our normal camara. I will give you an example Of panography Photo Shot Plz Follow Let me show you Mountain panographies (360 degree imaging) . Call it super wide-angle panorama or call it panography, we think it's awesome.

What Is Panographies ?
Panographies are wide-angle pictures composed of several individual photos manually stitched together. When these component photos are assembled, they give the impression one would get standing in one place, looking around and unconsciously putting the pictures together in one's head.
I recommend One Blog Wich Will Tell you few Tips On How to Make Panographis By your Self.
Read on to learn how you can make one yourself! Panographies: Panoramas on Steroids .

Just Enjoy with your camara

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