Imagine That You're In The Some hill Staion ,Sitting on Green Grass And You are loking up to the blue sky with Clouds . Don't you wish That this view you can capture everything you can see with your eyes ? Do you ever wish your photos could capture everything you can see with your eyes? It's look Like Just Only Imagination. but We can also do It . it's not hard like We are Thinking .This Photo trick called panography and we can even use our normal camara. I will give you an example Of panography Photo Shot Plz Follow Let me show you Mountain panographies (360 degree imaging) . Call it super wide-angle panorama or call it panography, we think it's awesome.

What Is Panographies ?
Panographies are wide-angle pictures composed of several individual photos manually stitched together. When these component photos are assembled, they give the impression one would get standing in one place, looking around and unconsciously putting the pictures together in one's head.
I recommend One Blog Wich Will Tell you few Tips On How to Make Panographis By your Self.
Read on to learn how you can make one yourself! Panographies: Panoramas on Steroids .

Just Enjoy with your camara

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Nikon SB-800 AF Speedlight for Nikon D50, D70s, D80, and D200 Digital SLR Camera

I found A good Product Today so just Want Share With you .This is a sophisticated flash unit / Special functions with NIKON D2H, D1 and D100 Digital Cameras / Supports up to 3 slave units TTL and Non-TTL Auto Flash (A) with film cameras Intelligent i-TTL system supports Advanced Wireless Lighting, including 3 remote i-TTL Speedlight groups controlled through the master SB-800 D2H and SB-800 wireless lighting system makes operation as simple as an on-camera Speedlight Auto FP High Speed Sync Mode delivers fill flash in bright light as needed FV Lock (Flash Value Lock) allows photographer to change the composition or zoom for the shot, while maintaining desired lighting of the subject Wide-area AF Illuminator covers D2H's 11 AF sensors Compatible with every AF Nikkor lens Power Source - Four 1.5 V (AA-size alkaline), AA (AA-size NiCd) or AA-size lithium batteries, Quick Recycle Battery Pack SD-800 holds a fifth AA - size battery for faster power recycling Dimensions - Width Approximately 2.8 x Height 5.1 x Depth 3.7 inch Weight without batteries - Approximately 12.3 ounces

Technical Details
Autofocus speedlight compatible with both digital and film SLR cameras
Intelligent i-TTL system supports automatic balanced fill-flash
Can automatically control light output according to distance and aperture
Dot matrix LCD with easy to read graphics
Ergonomic control with conveniently placed buttons and switches

This is Tamron 200-500mm Di Telephoto Zoom Lens for compatible Nikon digital and film SLR cameras .200-500mm f/5-6.3 Di LD (IF) Tamron telephoto zoom lens * effective focal length: * 200-500mm with 35mm film or full-frame digital cameras * 310-760mm with APS-C sensor cameras * compatible with Nikon digital and autofocus film SLR cameras * manual focus only with Nikon D40 and D40x SLR models * two low-dispersion glass elements for superior image quality * internal focusing * minimum focus distance: 98.4 in.

Technical Details
200-500mm f/5-6.3 Di LD (IF) Tamron telephoto zoom lens
effective focal length:
200-500mm with 35mm film or full-frame digital cameras
310-760mm with APS-C sensor cameras
compatible with Nikon digital and autofocus film SLR cameras

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The Nikon D40 is an interchangeable-lens digital SLR that unites the brilliant performance of world-famous Nikkor lenses and the practicality of a remarkably small and light camera body. It boasts handling and performance advantages that do away with the frustrations often associated with compact digital cameras, making it ideal for anyone who wants to capture spectacular digital pictures without fuss or complication.
Thanks to Nikon's world beating digital and optical technologies, the D40 makes it amazingly simple to capture beautiful pictures in almost any situation.
The D40 is equipped with a specially designed 3x 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor lens it's light and compact, making it easy to carry anywhere. The camera's design incorporates fewer potentially confusing controls and other distractions, allowing anyone to take breathtaking pictures while eliminating the need to "learn" photography.
The D40 features a high-resolution 6.1-effective-megapixel Nikon DX Format CCD image sensor and a highly advanced Nikon Image Processing Engine. These combine to produce exceptional image detail with true, vivid colors.
Nikon's exclusive 3D Color Matrix Metering II assures accurate exposure control even in difficult lighting conditions and an AUTO ISO feature makes the most of available light by automatically setting the camera's light sensitivity from the available ISO range of 200 to 1600.
The D40 has remarkably fast responses, with autofocus control algorithms that are inherited from Nikon's renowned D200 and D80 digital SLRs, delivering more precise focus, faster subject tracking, and more accurate autofocus response and detection--even in low light.
The D40 takes just 0.18 seconds to power up, and its almost imperceptible shutter release lag time does away with the frustrating picture taking delay common with point-and-shoot digital cameras--assuring that special moments are captured beautifully.

Nikon's scene-optimized Digital Vari-Program modes allow the photographer to concentrate on capturing nearly any type of scene without being distracted by camera settings. All eight modes--Auto, Auto (Flash Off), Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sport, Close Up, and Night Portrait--are designed to produce remarkable results by automatically calculating the best settings and ISO-equivalent sensitivity for each scene.
The new mode, Auto (Flash Off), prevents the built-in flash from popping up while boosting the ISO, thereby allowing the photographer to take pictures in museums, concerts, school plays, weddings, and other low-light situations where flash photography is prohibited.

The D40's new Retouch menu offers exclusive in-camera image editing features that add to the D40's "fun factor" by providing greater creative freedom without the need for a computer. Included in the Retouch menu is Nikon's D-Lighting, Red-eye Correction, Image Trim, and other creative features such as Image Overlay, Small Picture, Monochrome (Black-and-white, Sepia, Cyanotype), and Filter Effects (Skylight, Warm filter, Color balance).

The kit lens for the D40 is the new 3x 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor lens, assuring superb picture sharpness and optimum contrast along with the versatility of a wide-angle to medium telephoto lens.

Included with the camera is Nikon's Picture Project software to transfer, organize, and share images, while Nikon's Capture NX photo editing software is available separately.
The D40 opens up the fun, excitement, and superior image quality of digital SLR photography to everyone. Its compact size and ideal ergonomics make it the digital SLR solution for pictures anytime, anywhere. Its bright and sharp viewfinder with 0.8x magnification ensures precise composition. After shooting, the camera's large 2.5-inch high-resolution color LCD monitor provides a clear view for checking sharpness, exposure, and focus by enlarging the picture up to 19 times.

Building on Nikon's reputation for making the finest digital SLR cameras, the compact D40 offers mobility, easy operation and beautiful pictures to even first-time digital SLR users, making it ideal for anyone ready to experience the difference of Nikon digital SLR photography.
What's in the box Nikon D40 digital camera, rechargeable Li-ion battery EN-EL9, quick charger MH-23, USB cable UC-E4, PictureProject, rubber eyecup DK-16, camera strap, body cap BF-1A, eyepiece cap DK-5, accessory shoe cap BS-1

Technical Details
6.1-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 14 x 19-inch prints
Kit includes 3x 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor lens
2.5-inch LCD with three display options; built-in flash and hot shoe
Fast startup with instant shutter response; shoot at up to 2.5 frames per second
Powered by one rechargeable Li-ion battery EN-EL9 (included); stores images on SD memory cards (memory card not included)
Product Dimensions: 5 x 2.5 x 3.7 inches 1.6 pounds
Shipping Weight: 4 pounds
Item model number: 25420
Here are Some Price for Your Help. Before Buy Try The best price

Also read Nikon SLR D90

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Intruducing New Flip Video Camcorder. It’s like the power of video in your pocket. Capture the everyday moments that happen anywhere, and share them with friends and family everywhere. That’s idea behind the new Flip Video Ultra Series. It’s portable, simple to use and amazingly affordable.

Simple to Use
The Flip Video Ultra Series’ simple, one-touch recording and compact size make it the ideal choice for shooting video on the go. Capture memories as they happen - no fiddling around with memory cards, chargers or tapes, With four buttons, it’s incredibly simple to record, zoom, playback instantly or delete your videos. Flip Video’s internal flash memory holds up to 30 minutes of high-quality video. Quality The new Flip Video Ultra Series line produces video that rivals that of more expensive camcorders. With 1 GB of memory, a high-quality microphone and no-glare display, now anyone can make impressive videos.

Organize, Edit, and Share Flip Video makes sharing footage incredibly simple. Its revolutionary software enables you to share videos instantly. Plug the USB arm into your computer, upload your videos and share them in minutes. Direct links to AOL Video and YouTube make it easy to publish videos online. Flip Video’s software also enables you to email videos or greeting cards privately, create custom movies and capture still photos. Perfect for video blogging and social networking Optional Accessories Customize your new Flip Video Ultra Series camcorder with a colorful protective pouch. Extra USB Extension Cables give you even more flexibility when uploading video.
In the Box you Can Find TV connector cable, soft carrying case, wrist strap, two AA batteries and instruction booklet. Isn't It Great ?

Product Description
The Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder is a revolutionary new way to shoot and share videos. Its portable, simple-to-use design makes it incredibly easy to create high quality home movies. The camcorder's built-in software provides a convenient, seamless way to save and share memories: email videos, make custom movies, capture still photos from video clips, and upload videos directly to popular video-sharing sites, including AOL Video and YouTube. Flip Video Ultra is the ideal, affordable choice for capturing everyday moments that happen anywhere, and sharing them with family and friends everywhere. This next-generation version of the original Flip Video line features a new sleeker design, premium no-glare LCD screen, and improved video and audio quality. Flip Video Ultra comes with a TV connector cable, wrist strap, soft carrying case, two AA batteries, and a quick start guide. Specs: Flip Video Ultra incorporates 1GB of built-in flash memory which holds up to 30 minutes of 30-frame per second full VGA-quality MPEG-4 video. Compatible with Windows XP SP2 and Vista; Macintosh OS X 10.3.9 or later. Computer connection via integrated USB Port.
They Have $ diferent colour And Each Colour Come With Different Memory Space Like ,White-Simple, pocket-sized camcorder with one-touch recording and digital zoom. Holds up to 30 Minutes of TV-Quality video on 1 GB of built-in memory; no tapes or additional memory cards required. Accessories included in package, :TV connector cable, wrist strap, soft carrying case, two AA batteries, instruction booklet, warranty and product registration. Addtional Flip Video accessories sold seperately. Flip Video is equipped with a convenient USB arm that plugs directly into your computer for easy sharing and archiving. Flip's built-in software lets you easily email videos, share them on YouTube and AOL, edit your footage, and capture still photos from video. System Requirements: PC: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or faster, with at least 512 MB of RAM, OS X 10.3.9 or later, and USB port. Accessories included in package,:TV connector cable, wrist strap, soft carrying case, two AA batteries, instruction booklet, warranty and product registration. Addtional Flip Video accessories sold seperately.

IF you Are Intrested How Much It Cost . I will show You Some Sample With Great Price discount
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Everybody Want to Earn Money And We Have Talking Many Tricks About How to Earn Money. We Succeed in our Mission Too But Not much money as We Have Heard by the Pro Blogger or not as how much they earn by there blog .

There is a different many things between us and them . they advertise their blogs . I don't mean they have Spent a lot money for advertisement. they have lots of redears and mostely redears advertise for them By adding their links to readears Blog or etc. And imagine we have just start blogging and our reders are very few . so first of all we need the redears to read our post. More readers means More Income ( google adsence Pay 1 adsence if 1000 times appear there is A rate ,which is Change All the time . even with out readears Click on will get the eCPM rate. so Anyhow you have to Attract readers .

Google adwords is A very good Solution for us. Google AdWords, the search advertising program that helps our Blogs or any business . which is Cheap and direct go to your redears .and one more Thing is even pro bloggers are now Giveing ads in google adwords . if you don't blive look on my page google adsences how many blogger have ads for there blogs. so don't be late join today and drive more readears to blog and Earn money .
benifits of Google adwords
Expand your marketing presence. With AdWords, you can get the attention of people entering over two hundred million search queries per day.

Get qualified leads. Your ads appear when people search for keywords you choose for your business. You're reaching an audience already interested in what you have to offer.

Earn more. With AdSense, you make money when people click your site's Google ads. Imagine the additional revenue you can earn through AdWords.

Keep your costs down. Relevant AdWords ads get better placement. If your ads are targeted, you can enjoy the most visible positions without necessarily paying more.

Focus on your business outside of advertising. Create your ads. Set your budget. Activate your account. Then let AdWords bring new redears, customers to you.

Press the Button on the right Sidebar for Join google adwords .

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