This is what, mostly blogger believe there are some keywords That brings high paying Google ads to your blog. For example: debit card, loan, debt, Car donation and many more. Visit my post about Which Words paying high revenue. I believe some how it's true. For example Yesterday when i checked my Google AdSense account I wonder with my earning report for previous day , there is 436 page impressions and just only 1 click but earning is US$1.22 . See screen shot for 01/09/08, 31/08/08 and yesterday. If you compare this Reports you'll have some idea on Google AdSense. click screen shots to enlarge.

Earning report for 01/09/2008

Did you get what i mean? See detail full post at my other blog I have just post it about my earnings by google adsence. I will leave this issue to find out which words paying high revenue.
Visit You can also do I have also post some Screen shots from my google reports so you can compare. the google earnigs + Some high paying key words.

Earning report for 31/08/2008

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forumer said... @ September 23, 2008 at 2:45 AM

Mm congrats my fren, that's pretty cool. And you are good with adsense now. All the best and don;t forget to sponsor me to eat at a restaurant ok , just kidding :D

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