When i was small kid, my brothers Bought me a Tetris game or brick game in mini screen with Keychain. That was fun i can carry my game everywhere in my pocket . Whoever saw that small brick game they just love to have one like mine.
Come to main topic. When i saw the Coby 1.5 inch Digital Photo Frame Keychain . i just remember my childhood.

Now wherever we go, we carry our and take lots of pictures and it's very easy to share those pictures with our family and friends. we can save thoese pictures in our Computer and watch when ever we want. but what happens when we are not at home or we left for travel. We may take some pictures to see but how many pictures of our loved ones can carry in our wallet?

Now we can hold up to 60 (digital) pictures on single keychain, in bright, brilliant color! Carry favorite pictures in the palm, to show family and friends wherever we go, fits in pocket, briefcase or purse.

The Coby 1.5 inch Digital Photo Frame Keychain has CSTN LCD Color display. This portable lightweight digital photo keychain can remarkably store up to 60 of favorite photos! The DP151 allows to browse photos for up to 4 hours per charge of its built-in rechargeable battery. Exchange and add new photos using the built-in USB port to communicate with your PC for rapid image file transfer. Displays JPG/BMP, GIF. Image files.

Windows compatible. Uses integrated rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery. High-resolution 1.5" screen provides bright images and an excellent viewing angle. So why load up your wallet with pictures when the Coby DP151 Digital Photo Frame Keychain can hold more - with no added bulk? It's the practical way of keeping your dear ones near. Built-in rechargeable Battery Display requires images taken with a digital camera or downloaded from computer image photo files or e-mails

I saw this Products at below are some price list for Coby products
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